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Ingvar and Amanda Arnesen
29.11.2013 , 17:38
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Question Ingvar and Amanda Arnesen
Ingvar and Amanda Arnesen - Christina Craig 02.Mar.2012:
When my great-grandmother died recently, I looked up some of her immigration and naturalization papers on-line (Norway to the US)and learned that she was from the Harstad area, while I have always believed she was from Bergen. I find this misunderstanding a bit intriguing, so I'd like to ask your board if you'd please give some help finding some details?

My great-grandmother was Valbjorg Arnesen, born in 1917 in Harstad. Her father was Ingvar (I've seen several spellings, I don't know the correct one. He went by Ward in the US) Arnesen, born about 1891 in Trondenes. His wife was Amanda, born about 1889 in Ibestad. I believe her middle name was Bertina, as this was almost my first name. I've never known her maiden name. I believe she had several sisters. The family came to the US in 1923.

Has anyone heard of these guys? Or can you offer some advice as to where I can find more information? I've begun to wonder if there wasn't some kind of scandal that my family was trying to hide. (Or maybe I watch too much tv

Thanks in advance for any help. I'm sorry I couldn't write in Norwegian, I never learned.
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29.11.2013 , 17:42
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Exclamation RE: Ingvar and Amanda Arnesen
Re: Ingvar and Amanda Arnesen - unni s. markussen 08.Mar.2012:
Funnet svar på spørgers spørsmål.Opplysningene er sendt direkte til Christina Craig.
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